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Comments (7)
  1. Shay Dawkins says:

    LOVE this! I’d like to to add two aspects into your “3 Keys to Innovate Yourself.” These two aspects are self-awareness (what I specialize in) and “Commiting to having a Loving Relationship with yourself as your first priority; so, you are enabled to truly love others.” This is derived from Jesus’s Two True Commandments (my latest Podcast Episode on the Intellectual Rebel Podcast). Semantically, you might describe “Loving Yourself” as “Innovating Yourself” so that you are enabled to “Innovate Others.”

    I’d love to chat or correspond via e-mail with you and here’s why. I am a self-awareness expert meaning that I have attained such a high level of awareness that my intuition and ability to feel value in others is EXTREMELY STRONG and ACCURATE (at minimum, 95% accurate). I KNOW we can enhance one another as teammates/brothers. To do this, all we have to do is make the time investment of getting to know one another. In a 15 minute, “HOT” (Honest, Open, and Thorough) Conversation my awareness will pick up on various ways we can build a valuable and mutually-beneficial relationship. All I need is 15 minutes. 15 minutes is your risk yet the potential rewards for both of us are boundless, limitless, and beyond what you and I can fathom.

    Let me know if you’d like to make that 15 min time investment. If so, I’ll familiarize myself more with your content so I can further begin to internalize ways we can enhance one another enabling us to MAXIMIZE our 15 min conversation. 💥💥💥

  2. Jamie Hopkins says:

    Your TedX talk on personal innovation was quite powerful and an eye opener for me. I am in the space now where I am on that personal innovation road to be a better me so that I can serve adult survivors of childhood abuse. I am on the road to create miracles for those stuck in a world of internal prison of pain. Your conversation on personal innovation convicted me to continue working on being the best version of me. Too many people are depending on my ability to conquer that goal. Thank you. Many blessings, Jai

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      Wow, Jamie thank you so much for sharing that!!!! You’re right, your work is too powerful for you to stop now!!! I’m excited about the path that you have chosen and feel free to contact me with anything I can do to support your mission.

      Thank YOU!
      – Jeff

  3. Alex Reddle says:

    Hi, Jeff, I tried to contact you via advertising and info e-mails, but mail server couldn’t deliver mail, some technical problems. Could you contact me [email protected]?
    I want to ask about advertising options on your website.
    Thank you

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      Hey Alex,

      Wow, sorry about that. We just changed servers, and we’re looking to fix that. Feel free to contact me at [email protected].


  4. Toni Hickman says:

    I hope as you inspire others, that you are also inspired by this message. http://youtu.be/45cwCQ0ZMvc

  5. jwolfe5363 says:

    Hey jeff , my name is John Wolfe. I use Bromeo as my blogging alias. I just opened up my blog yesterday with one post so far , but id love you to give it a read and give me your two cents. i love the list and what you are doing here it fantastic brother keep it up. i will be purchasing my domain today gohamdowork.com id imagine. please keep an eye out for me and my blog, revolutionizing the game brother, changing the world! lets do work make magic Go HAM!!

    -John Wolfe aka Bromeo Googanheimer

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