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10 Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life and Relationships



sex books to improve your sex life

Looking for an awesome list of sex books to improve your sex life and intimate relationships? Let’s goo! Here are some of our favorite sex books! 😉

Knowledge is the key to many things in life, and books are an amazing source of that knowledge others want to share with us.

When we read a book, we download that knowledge that others have experienced into our brains. This process is lacking in the areas of relationships and sex.

Most people believe that we are naturally able to have the best relationship and the best sex.

These people are missing the boat big time. There is a wealth of knowledge out there in books to help you improve your relationship and yes, your sex life, too.


Unforgettable Books To Improve Your Sex Life

Even if you think your relationship and sex life is great, it isn’t going to stay there on it’s own.  You need to be constantly improving and adding excitement to your relationship.

Now that doesn’t mean just going out and picking up a book of different sexual positions.

There are many deeper and more meaningful ways to improve your relationship.

Below is a listing a books that I recommend to individuals or couples wanted to keep their relationship improving.


1.) Sexy Challenges Sacred and Sensual Experiences for Lovers by Rob Alex, Ph.D.

This book gives you 50 great was to add a little more play, fun and metaphysical approaches to your lovemaking. Sexy Challenges are not just a book for reading but one for actions.  After reading a challenge you then follow the plan to create that sacred and sensual experience for both you and your partner.

sex books education

The beauty each challenge is that it allows you to change it up a bit each and every time. Giving you different suggestions so you can totally transform the experience the next time you participate in it. So while this book holds 50 challenges, those 50 can be turned into unlimited experiences.


2.) Changing Reality by Serge Kahili King

Serge Kahili King uses his Hawaiian shaman roots and the ancient love based tradition of Huna to help us mold our life into the piece of art. This book can be used on everything: from your health, to your happiness, and yes – to improve your sex life.

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life

This book will help you on the path of improving everything in your life starting with the most important person: YOU!


3.) Sex Matters by OSHO


In this book you get a grand overview of how important sex is to our world. It takes the act of sex out of just the physical plane, and offers you a more spiritual and natural view of how important it is in our relationships. Osho has a whimsical style of storytelling that will have you chuckling as you read his teachings.

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life


4 .) Love and Awakening by John Wellwood

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life


5.) Richer Together by Dr. Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

You need to understand that your relationship has a business side to it. 23 couples are interviewed in this book and they share their secrets not only to a successful business, but a successful relationship, too.

From small town shop owners to self-help gurus, this book is full of great suggestions to keep you thriving in business – and in love.

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life

6.) Secrets of a Soulful Marriage by Jim Sharon and Ruth Sharon

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life


7.) 101 Nights of Great Sex by Laura Corn

This book started a revolution in playfulness in the sex lives of couples, and still is one of the biggest gifts young couples receive for weddings and anniversaries.

Laura Corn has crafted elegant and pleasure-filled plays for couples to act out, making them stars in their relationship. Using the thrill of anticipation, 101 Nights of Great Sex will have you putting amazing attention into your intimate play.

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life

8.) The Guide To Getting It On by Paul Joannides


The Guide To Getting it On is an encyclopedia of all things sexual. With constant revisions, this book keeps getting thicker and thicker. It covers it all: from sex with disabilities to the history of sex and popular culture. With a humor approach, this is a great educational tool for anyone. We have actually given this book to our sons so that they can learn about all types of sexuality and sexual fun.


9.) Transcendent Sex by Jenny Wade, Ph.D.

This book opened my eyes to the spiritual and metaphysical world of sex, creating a life-long learning process for myself. In this book, you will find out how ordinary people can open a portal to different spiritual realms via their lovemaking.

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life

After reading this book, I realized that amazing things happen if you are more present in your lovemaking.


10.) Speaking Kind Words by Rob Alex Ph.D. and Janelle Alex Ph.D.

Communication is a huge topic in relationships.

In this book, you learn how just by changing a few words in your vocabulary can set your relationship on fire. When we speak the same words over and over to our partner, they tend to lose their importance. This book gives you the tools to change those words so that your partner starts listening again.

Saying “I love you” is powerful – but what if you tell you partner you adore them or that you honor them? This is the same message with a different feel each time.

Best Books To Improve Your Sex Life

Okay, I have given you a list of 10 books I suggest to help improve your sex life, but there are many, many, more books out there to not only read but also to experience. Get to your library, local bookstore, or online and find something that will help your relationship keep learning and thriving.

A new book on a shelf is a beautiful thing but a book that is highlighted and has notes in the margins, is one that is put into action. Those are the books I love!

Read on lovers the quest for knowledge is sexy.

Want to read more books to improve your sex life? Check some more Amazon bestsellers.

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