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Failure – Motivational Video



Failure – Motivational Video

Each and every one of us is unique. We look different, we talk different, we act different, we move different. We each have an incredibly unique purpose in life.

If others make fun of you, judge you, or call you a failure, not even bothering to look you in the eye…will you live only to move towards death, OR will you live with purpose?

Things will happen to you in life. But only YOU have the ability to decide what these things MEAN to you. Does failing mean you’re a failure, or, like Thomas Edison, will you see each failure as just one more step to finding out how to be a success?

Will you let fear and doubt rule your life?

Will you let what others determine who you are, or what you are capable of doing?

Failure – Motivational Video

Life is risky. Life is uncertain. Life is full of failures. But you are NOT any of those; rather you are smarter and wiser BECAUSE of those failures. You change as a result of these ups and downs: you become better at being you, and expressing your skills and abilities.

How you decide to interpret your experiences – whether good or bad – is what is going to determine how you will progress. Every time you make the decision to give an event a positive meaning, you are building towards a better future.

Failed to get that promotion? It means there is an EVEN BETTER job out there. Failed to make the team/group you wanted? It means there is another team that will help you discover new abilities and grow.

Just keep reminding yourself:

“I won’t ask for it to be easier, I’m going to work to make myself smarter and to have more abilities.”


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Motivational Videos

Recycle Your Pain – Motivational Video



Recycle Your Pain

Think about the meaning of pain in your life. How can you overcome it? What is it to recycle our pain? What is it to push through that which makes us uncomfortable or feel hurt?

Pain is defined as a distressing feeling caused by intense or damaging stimuli. It can’t be avoided. We all go through it – both physically and emotionally. As we cannot hide from it, we must learn how to handle it. To be successful in dealing with pain, we must learn how to push through even when you feel like giving up.

How do you triumph over pain? How do you keep going when it hurts so bad?

Pain is uncomfortable and unrelenting at times. The only way to defeat it is to and overcome it. Imagine pain being like a heavy weight on your ankles while you’re trying to swim to shore.

It’s physically challenging and emotionally draining to keep swimming through the waves with this weight pulling you down, limiting your strides.

You know what will happen if you give up. You know what will happen if you stop fighting to get to shore. Every ounce of pain now reminds you of previous moments and you just want it to end.

Do you keep stroking and kicking no matter how heavy the weight?


Recycle Your Pain – Motivational Video

There are two sides of pain. There’s the obvious suffering and discomfort that it brings into your life. Then there’s the everlasting joy that you feel when you push through for something greater.

The least obvious element of pain is that it’s not for you. It is a lesson for you to share with others: how you got there and what you were able to do to overcome difficulty. Pain is greater than you.

When you are trying to determine if you are in a truly painful situation or just having some challenges, you know it when you feel a burn inside that ignites your fight. Pain is uncomfortable. People shy away from that.

The good thing about pain is that it ignites the fighter in you. It is like a match urging you to push through. Pain is like a fire that you must control or it will burn you alive. At that moment when you were thinking, ‘why me’, you know that you have reached that point when you need to begin to take control of your situation.

Pain is a lesson that teaches you appreciation for what you have – and what you have accomplished. Pain is a burn that should ignite the fire that pushes you to victory.

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Motivational Videos

Why People Don’t Succeed – Motivational Video



Why People Don’t Succeed

You have heard it all before, and I know this subject has been talked about to death. “Why people don’t succeed” has been translated by many successful people over the decades. Everyone has their own interpretation of what success is, and many more have answers to why they have succeeded.

Through every quote you see, every book you read, and every video you watch, there is one commonality – ONE specific element that matters and is required no matter what. Success requires work.

Despite what others might say to you, success doesn’t come easy. It is not given to lucky people. It is not given to those with money, and it is most definitely NOT given to those who dream it.

Success takes work.

Why people don’t succeed is because they fail to work for it. It looks easy from the outside, but those who have succeeded rolled up their sleeves and grabbed a shovel. They toiled away in the trenches to create their accomplishments.

Success means hands full of blisters, body aches, and sleepless nights. They worked for it. Every successful person you have met or read about did it with hard work.

It’s that simple. Success takes work.

This video is long but worth every minute, especially if you are looking for inspiration to keep moving forward. It is filled with motivational words of wisdom. Listen to it as you are working towards your goals.

Use it to lift you up when you need a boost. Wake up to this video. Wind down to this video. Listen, you got this! Your success is happening right now. Own it!!!


Why People Don’t Succeed – Motivational Video

Success also requires you to cut out the noise.

When you put the work in, others will take notice. There will be remarks, ideas, judgements, notions, advice, laughter, or pessimism. Some of what’s being said will come from people who are jealous of you.

Others will stay because they truly support you and your quest for success. You need to decide what is noise and what is not. If you truly believe in what you are doing, the noise needs to be ignored. More hard work is needed to drown it out.

Understand that success is what you make of it.

It’s different for everybody. The beauty of success is that it can be strictly yours. No one can tell you differently. That’s why working hard and cutting out the noise is so important.

Whether you want to lose weight, a promotion, increase your revenue, have a child, accomplish a 5-mile run, or eat healthier, winning relies on hard work. It is the realization of an aim or purpose.

It is firmly up to you to figure out what success means for you. But it needs to be said again: success requires work.

Those who do not put in the work will NOT succeed.

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