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3 Lessons on Creating Trust

3 Lessons on Creating Trust
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  1. Jackie says:

    Thank you for reading and for your continued support. I hope it uplifts you.

  2. B. Wiggins says:

    You outline and explain well what should be the proper and most effective way of interacting with one another to create trust. By stating “interacting”, I don’t mean “acting”. Too often, we affect a behavior or persona. We do it to benefit ourselves; however, by doing so, we are “acting” a part and not being authentic. We are not being honest nor are we practicing assertive communication and certainly, we aren’t being consistent in our words and deeds. Without these, we fall short of creating trust. Without trust, as our foundation, the result is unsuccessful or miscommunication. No wonder there is so much upheaval in the world. Thank you for laying it out plain.

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