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6 Life Lessons I Learned From Being Broke

life lessons i've learned from being broke
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  1. John says:

    Great article..when you heart is right..external things are a service not a right

  2. Phillippa says:

    Great article – reinforces how we have become obsessed with living with the latest “things”. After moving my family of 5 into a house half the size for whatI thought would be 6months, I only unpacked a fraction of what we had – 6 plates, bowls, glasses, 1 frying pan, 3pots & a rice cooker. 3yrs later we moved but realised how little we needed to actually live comfortably. We have sinced moved again into a house again twice the size but live like we live in a “caravan” as far as belongings go! Mind you we do have 3TV’s…our guilty pleasure!

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