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Constant Failure is The Key to Success

constant failure
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  1. Patricia says:

    Maybe the word ‘constant’ is a bit provocative. But certainly failure is one of the keys to success. Stick-to-it-iveness is essential. Things can get difficult and very unpleasant, but the ability to stay the course in the face of rejection is a key trait of successful individuals. There is something to be said for having no place to go but up. Daymond John talks about it more on his blog . Creativity, Innovation, and Thinking Outside the Box are things that naturally come from having no other options.

    1. Shahla says:

      Thanks for the comment Patricia.
      Constant here implies the willingness to make effort despite not getting what you want in the first attempt. It’s that willingness and perseverence that’s crucial. Success moments are few and sparse while those testing perseverence times are regular and kind of in-your-face. Wins only come because of those constant testing and making it with perseverence. 🙂

  2. Olivier says:

    You don’t need to be constantly failing in order to be successful…

    You need to patient to know that the work you are doing today is going to pay off tomorrow. You need to be able to baby-step your way to your goal with “small wins” to keep yourself at least somewhat motivated. And you need to be able to trust that small bumps in the road aren’t indicative of your overall progress.

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