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A Lesson from Political Leaders: How to Take a Proper Selfie



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When you think about improving your abilities to take really good selfies, you can hardly relate that activity to actual self-improvement, can you? Well, you’re wrong. The psychology behind taking selfies is really complex. People use them as a method of self-promotion. Awesome face shots present them as confident, good-looking individuals who have no problem with other people’s impressions of them. Yet, the main purpose is creating good impression.

A Lesson from Political Leaders: How to Take a Proper Selfie

This infographic by takes a different approach on selfies: it shows you what lessons you can learn from famous political leaders. That’s right; Obama takes selfies as well! It gets better: he even has a selfie stick.

Taking Selfies Is Not Bad at All

How many selfies do you have in your phone? It’s not okay to take selfies every single day; that’s a sign of narcissism and self-objectification. Are there no selfies at all? Well, that’s no good, since it shows you have a problem with self-confidence. What prevents you from taking a photo when you know you look good and you are having great time with your friends? You can invite them for a group selfie that shows how much fun you’re having. The key is in finding the right balance.

Don’t think about psychology too much; just take a selfie when you feel like it. Human faces have always been an object of attraction. Your eyes show your soul, and your expression reveals your current mood. When someone visits your social media page, the profile picture is the first thing that attracts attention. A good selfie is the perfect choice.

There is only one question: how do you take the perfect selfie? Well, politicians can’t solve all problems in the world, but it seems like they have revealed the strategy for taking great selfies.

Infographic: Selfie Guide from Famous Politicians

Let’s get to the real thing: what lessons can you actually learn from this infographic?

  1. The mirror is a classic

A nice, classy selfie in the mirror always works. It shows your style and attitude. Jackie Kennedy sure knew how to do it.

  1. The selfie stick makes you look good

This ingenious device works like an extended hand. If you use only your phone, you get a close-up shot that almost never looks good. The stick shows you in a better perspective and the result is much more natural. Plus, you can capture part of your surroundings, so the photo will convey the atmosphere that made you feel good. Hint: this is not the type of picture you want to take in a bathroom. Obama chose the library; now that’s a perfect setting!

  1. Take selfies with other people… and animals

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have learned the lesson: other people make you look good in a selfie. You appear as a friendly person who knows how to have fun. Michelle Obama took things further: she took a selfie with a classy dog.

  1. Even elevator selfies can work

… or not. Take a look at the photo in the infographic and you be the judge!

  1. Show your humor

Who is funnier than George Bush? Look at the selfie he took; it will crack you up.


Are you convinced that selfies are a good thing? Now take a look at the infographic and learn your lesson!

Selfie Guide - how to take a selfie

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