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3 Leadership Qualities All People With Everyday Power Have

you are a leader
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  1. Jody says:

    Inspirational! Perfect for a vision board, Jackie!
    Leaders encourage and instill confidence in others
    We all can and should be leaders in our own space and scope of responsibility

  2. Carlton F. Mighty says:

    These sayings are very profound and very enlightening and actually confirming to some of my internal debate. I’m pretty sure there will be others who will embrace this.
    Very good.

  3. B. Wiggins says:

    Excellent observations so succinctly written. The true and broader definition of a leader is often not acknowledged. Thank you for introducing, reminding and widening the scope of a leader. The introspection is needed.

  4. C Cohen says:

    A very insightful perspective on leaders—everyone should read this post and reinforce their innate leader and not associate Leading with titles or stature

  5. Fatorma Bolay Jr says:

    Another great article from Jacqueline P Walker. Bravo!!!
    It’s hard for me to believe this mysef but I am currently reading a book titled “LEAD…for God’s Sake” by Todd G. Gongwer. Talk about some powerful readings and gaining knowledge. You just can’t go wrong…lol

    Thanks Ms Walker for this powerful and very insightful article. Keep them coming.

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