The Top 10 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About
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The Top 10 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

tools for entrepreneurs

The Top 10 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About


Starting a business can often be difficult, but it is a lot easier when you are using the right tools. Luckily, there are plenty of great online tools that are specifically for entrepreneurs, and they are inexpensive (sometimes they are even free). Here are 10 of the top tools that every entrepreneur should be using.

Top 10 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About


This is a great browser add-on that will help with networking and outreach. It takes data that is associated with email addresses (ie Linkedin and other social media profile info). This is going to help you tailor your emails to the various customers, and this tool is free to use.



Use this tool to create open channels for various projects so everyone on the team can see what is going on and add their own contributions to the projects. Slack will allow you to upload files, make comments, inline images, and more. This is another free service, and it is getting rave reviews.


Zen Payroll

Your time is better spent on anything but payroll duties, but they must be done. Let Zen Payroll handle all that for you. You can try this tool out for free, and a basic plan only costs $29. This is a great deal, and ensures that your employees always get paid on time.


Find Me Follow Me

It is important these days to have call forwarding, so you can be away from your desk but still get work done and receive those important calls. But, which service is best, and has the best rates?



Here is a website builder that is perfect for those who don’t know anything about coding. Create awesome websites in under an hour, and use tools like the simple text editor, templates, page analytics, and more. Build your site for free on the Strikingly domain, or go to a paid plan to get a personal domain name.


This service will look over your network and tell you the best way to contact anyone, or any company. Stop searching for the people you don’t need, find the ones you do need. This is going to really help you get new network connections.



This app integration service will sync up all of your data in all of your apps, and keep it in one convenient location. It will support more than 300 apps, and you have the option of a basic free plan or a paid membership, depending on your particular needs.



There are always going to be times when you have questions and want advice from someone who is a professional in your field. will help you get those questions answered by connecting you with industry experts and other entrepreneurs who want to help others get started. All you have to do is set up an account, find your expert, schedule a call, and start asking your questions during the call.


This is a freelance marketplace that is similar to Elance and Odesk, but here you will find more talented professionals. You can be sure of their qualifications, because in order for them to use the site, the must pass some pretty difficult tests and a verification process. This is great way to get temporary employees and not have to spend a lot on benefits, employment insurance, etc.


Product Hunt

When you want to see what the competition is doing, check out Product Hunt. You will see the newest products and be able to monitor the competition within your niche. You will even be able to find new partners and receive feedback about your new products.

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