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The Transformative Power Of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go

Are you ready to let and go and finally move on?

One of the hardest lessons to learn is letting go.  Trust me.  I struggle with it too. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up or quitting.  Instead, what it means is giving God the space to put the things in our lives that are meant to be there when they are meant to be there.


How many of us are holding on to so many old clothes that we have no room for the new ones that look and fit better? We don’t wear the old clothes anymore but we look at them and “remember when” or we dream of a time in the future when they will fit again. The interesting thing is, if we could fit them again would we really go back or would we want the new stuff?

The Power of Letting Go


How many of us are holding onto people in your lives who have left but we keep holding onto hope that they will understand the error or their ways and decide to come back?  Alternatively, how many of us are holding onto toxic relationships that we are scared to leave for fear of being alone?  Sometimes God is moving people and things out of our lives to replace them with something better and is for us. When people walk out of your life then let them.


How many of us are holding onto jobs that no longer challenge us, promote us, or even recognize us for our accomplishments because that job is comfortable, known, or provides a “good income”?  Maybe you have hit a brick wall in your job for a reason – it’s time to move on and do something that is better aligned with God’s purpose for you.

The Power of Letting Go

I saw a meme the other day and it was so simple. We hold onto things that no longer fit. Imagine if staying in that job that no longer benefits us is stopping us from being in a career with better opportunities for advancement and growth.  Imagine if staying in that job was blocking us from discovering what we could do to change our communities through entrepreneurship.

The Power of Letting Go


Think about how holding onto the hope of turning around that toxic relationship or the hope that someone who has left will come back and how that may be blocking you from growing into the person who is ready for the one who God has hand picked for you.  What if that false hope is stopping you from realizing your passion and purpose to do something that matters to the world?  What is this really costing you?

When you hold onto people and things that God is trying to remove you are blocking Him from doing something greater in your life. Letting go is painful and depending on the situation it can take a long time. However, letting go shows God that you trust him and are ready for something that He has ordained which will always be better than what you are letting go. If you want to have true abundance and overflow in your life, then you must learn to let go, and take solace in the fact that what God does will always be for our good.

The Power of Letting Go


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