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Sexy Daydreams (or My Life is Awesome) (Song)

Sexy Daydreams

Sexy Daydreams (or My Life is Awesome) (Song)

This is a short, simple song I wrote celebrating the little things that make life awesome.

My brother and I were driving and trying to find a song on the radio that was filled with joy. We couldn’t. So, I wrote one.

Dar (my brother) is autistic, and his most consistent obsession is a love of schmaltzy tunes. As we were desperately searching the airwaves for something appropriately cheesy I couldn’t help but notice that most of the lyrics in most of the songs were lacking in anything I could truly celebrate. The songs were largely about who hurt who, and who was better than who, and who needed to change for who.

So, I shut off the radio and wrote Sexy Daydreams (or My Life is Awesome). My brother loved it! Well, either that or he thought it was ridiculous. He was laughing and clapping the whole time. I decided to think he was happy about my song!

All of us are consistently surrounded by moments worth celebrating: sipping coffee, chatting with siblings, having good ideas, knowing we’re loved by our spouses. Our talents and passions, our personalities and differences, our connection to each other and the planet, these are things we can focus on and celebrate – even sing about! – overand over again.

Unfortunately, too many of us focus on the stuff that pulls us down and makes us feel heavy. It’s hard to feel motivated when we focus only on what seems overwhelming, and yet this is an overwhelmingly common habit.

We become comfortably motivated when we focus (and sing!) about what lifts us up.

Songs, movies, and so much of our media largely wants to focus on what hurts and who’s to blame or why one person is better than another. Even the feel good stories tend to rely on telling, first, a story of sadness and hardship.

I’ve discovered that by celebrating what I like, and by encouraging my family and friends to be diverse and different from me, happiness and a desire to share that happiness comes naturally.

I wrote this song in celebration of the little things. But in truth, these are the things. They are what all of the work and chasing after success and hoping for world change is about.

Moments of joy create themselves for us constantly, it’s our privilege to recognize and celebrate them.

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