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Everyday Power started as an idea in Jeff’s New York City apartment in 2010.

After coming home from teaching his 7th grade English class at a public school in Harlem, Jeff was disappointed with how one lesson finished.

That day the students examined Tupac’s poem, A Rose That Grew From Concrete, and came to their own conclusions about what the poem meant to them.

Next, it was the students’ turn to create his or her own poem comparing life to something else, just as Tupac did. The students were given laptops to help them generate ideas and provide additional inspiration for their project.

After circling around the room, Jeff noticed that the great majority of students only had celebrity gossip, clothing, sneakers and music videos on their screens.  Perhaps that was a direct result of what the students were looking for on the internet. But Jeff also concluded it was because this kind of information was easy to find and seemed more relevant to their lives.  (When we watch the news it’s inundated with gossip, drama and conflict–and the students’ screens reflected that.) To them (and others) that’s what life is all about – an endless infatuation with materialism, drama, crime and what OTHER people are doing. And information that could positively change a person’s situation is rarely a nightly segment on the news.

Something had to change…

Two years later Jeff founded Everyday Power, a site dedicated to providing relevant and meaningful material he felt his students needed to experience. Jeff was already a huge fan of authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sun Tzu, Don Miguel Ruiz, Stephen Covey, Dr. Richard Carlson, Dr. David Schwartz and many more. He began incorporating big ideas from these authors and writing about how they could be applied to everyday life.

Jeff Moore speaking at TEDx

As an educator–and based on his own life experiences–Jeff knew the power of guidance, advice and perspective and  began dedicating himself to providing it to his readers. Since then the audience has expanded, but Everyday Power still aims to regularly answer the following questions:

 What does it mean to do my best? What does my best look like? How do I know I’m doing it?

 How can I use my experience to push my life forward?

 How do I develop the self-esteem and self worth needed to fulfill my potential?

 How do I find or create a career that I find important?

 How do I generate the hope and perseverance needed to reach my goals?

 How can I make a difference in the world?

Today Everyday Power reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month. The site is a curriculum resource for many schools across the country and it’s the go-to source for thousands who read it daily before work or school.

jeff moore motivational speaker tedx
Academy for Social Action Graduation | 2013 | Harlem, NY | Photo Credit: Danieta Morgan



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