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Ambitious Mind

It doesn’t matter what age or stage of life you find yourself in – it’s NEVER too late to go after your dreams. Sometimes, you climb the mountain and succeed immediately. Other times, you must try and try again. 

Still you can accomplish any goal, transform every dream into reality, and carry out your purpose if you just take the necessary steps to prepare, fine-tune, re-fuel and calibrate your mind – your life’s engineto execute unsurpassed performances, time after time.

Your mind harnesses the energy of your aspirations, combines it with the fuel from your determination; propelling you onward, upward, and forward.  Yes, your mind drives your ambition, allowing you to make progress and move ahead; preventing you from being stuck in the same place day in and day out.

As your physical body needs nourishment and physical activity to flourish and retain its power, to help it re-charge, and thrive, so your mind needs stimulation and challenges to prosper – spur motivation, re-vitalize, bolster, and succeed.

In the same way that your body takes food and converts it into energy to strengthen and keep you alive; your mind gets refreshed by constant utilization, keeping it finely tuned and running with ease. Making progress and realizing accomplishments require effort.

If you want to move ahead; you’ve got to do the work, you’ve got to expend some energy, you’ve got to get up when you fall, you’ve got to find a new way when a door is closed. Nothing is impossible; just believe and take one step at a time.

When you believe in your dreams, you can envision them unfolding and focus on their fulfilment. The conditioning, fueling, and utilization of your mind fans the flame of ambition within you to keep your heart’s desire alive and burning deep within your soul; unlocking a yearning to make them come alive.

When your mind is invigorated and operating on full blast like a turbo-charged engine, no dream seems very far from reality. No obstacle can deter you from reaching your goal; nothing can break your confidence, and NOTHING can stop you from believing in you.



Motivational Video – Ambitious Mind

This is the essence from which hope is born and from which hope blooms, flowers, and grows.

A positive mind cultivates, stirs, and promotes hope. Hope is your guiding light giving you daily inspiration. Hope keeps you awake, alert, inquisitive, persistent, tenacious, and purpose-driven. Hope directs your path and leads you to the end of your rainbow to seize that waiting pot of gold.

Don’t focus on easy. Don’t focus on failure. Don’t give in to fear. Stay hungry. Hold on to hope. Hold fast to dreams. Take risks. Take on new challenges. Be diligent. Be prepared. Stay ambitious.