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My Own Goal and Yours, How Can We Make Things Happen?




My Own Goal and Yours, How Can We Make Things Happen?

I am enormously obsessed about my own goal right now more than any other times in my life. I want to become a successful and famous recording star, and I just feel unstoppable. I understand that I still got gazillions of vocal acrobatics to learn and master and that the road to stardom is one of the rockiest and roughest ones ever, but I am sure that I will never flinch from achieving my aim. Why?  I love what I do—the kind that is not platonic or purely sexual (Does that even make sense?), but unconditional. I have long promised that I would kill myself if I would not become whatever I wish I need to be. So, I have been working extra hard in order to reach the “promise land” on time and finally persuade a record label to sign me. I know, the whole thing sounds crazy, but I believe me, and that is what matters to me most. I live for my goal. Do you live for yours, too?

Do not tell me you have never gone gaga over some silly objectives you are dying to do, which you think are a little too impossible for you to accomplish. You also have your own goal or own set of goals, and you have been working your butt off, both consciously and subconsciously, just to hit the target. What I am trying to put through right here is that you should never ignore these aims, and, instead, work hard for these because you will never know how huge an impact these stuff could bring into your life unless you tried and finally succeeded.

I am no doctor of goals, but listed and elaborated below are five pieces of advice that could help you realize your own goal. All these are based from my own experiences. I am not saying that I am an authority regarding the issue at hand, but the breakdown of ideas down there have helped me in ways massive and unimaginable. I am exposing these to you because I would like to meet you someday at the pinnacle, smiling like there’s no tomorrow while giving me an explosive high-five.

How Can We Make Things Happen Together

1. First of all, never exaggerate the way you think of your goals.

More often than not, a not-so-big, simply achievable goal becomes as massive as the universe because we just feel like doing it… all the time. What we should put in mind is that we should see one goal as it is. Leave one, medium-sized aim as medium-sized as it naturally is. Do not treat your goal of finishing a 1000-word write-up within 24 hours as if you are required to finish it within an hour. Do not think about speaking or performing  in front of a 10,000-seater theater when, in fact, you are just slated to showcase what you got in an intimate venue where a maximum of 100 people are expected to attend. Learn to breathe and slap yourself many times so you would be brought back to reality, that what you are up for is not even bigger than life just yet.


2. Take action.

For me, these two words are easier said than done. People (like me and us) are insanely used to thinking and talking nineteen to the dozen more than doing. Shake off such incessant practice of thought-torture and start making things happen RIGHT NOW. Of course, you still have to use your mind to come up with plans that could help you nail and slay a goal, but, please, never dwell on this phase. After everything is on its right position, start moving your way till the finish line. Just act till you drop whenever you have the chance to do so. Okay?


3. Befriend optimism and you are good to go. 

Man, it does not hurt to be positive. Recognize all the bad things this world has to offer, but never fail to see that light of hope more than half of humanity always tends to ignore. Do not throw yourself into the bandwagon. Think positively about your own goal. Put in mind that you are going to achieve it no matter what, that though it is, in reality, real hard work, you will forever have the chance to conquer it. Your positive attitude towards your goals is what will make the journey less of a stress and more of an enjoyable excursion.


4. Take your time and understand that everything takes time. 

Each of your goals is a process. Some of them may be realized within a day, but some may take years for you to pull off. Hold on to your all-time, greatest, larger-than-life goals no matter how much time it requires before you could finally taste that saccharine success you have been aiming for. Also, do not rush. Never force things to come about. Take one step at a time and you will surely reap your rewards in the end.


5. Most importantly, do not let failures get the best of you. 

Letdowns and defeats are to exist all your life. Yes, they can be a bit bitchy at times, but they are actually having cameos in your life once in a while in order to encourage the hell out of you. See the good in your every failure. Failures are your seemingly antagonistic comrades that keep pushing you to do better and better, only if you let them work this way. You can see people giving up at their first defeat. Do not be like them. Be someone who continues to stand up one defeat after another. Anyway, you will never be defined by your defeats. It is what you become at the end of it all that is most important.