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Failure – Motivational Video



Failure – Motivational Video

Each and every one of us is unique. We look different, we talk different, we act different, we move different. We each have an incredibly unique purpose in life.

If others make fun of you, judge you, or call you a failure, not even bothering to look you in the eye…will you live only to move towards death, OR will you live with purpose?

Things will happen to you in life. But only YOU have the ability to decide what these things MEAN to you. Does failing mean you’re a failure, or, like Thomas Edison, will you see each failure as just one more step to finding out how to be a success?

Will you let fear and doubt rule your life?

Will you let what others determine who you are, or what you are capable of doing?

Failure – Motivational Video

Life is risky. Life is uncertain. Life is full of failures. But you are NOT any of those; rather you are smarter and wiser BECAUSE of those failures. You change as a result of these ups and downs: you become better at being you, and expressing your skills and abilities.

How you decide to interpret your experiences – whether good or bad – is what is going to determine how you will progress. Every time you make the decision to give an event a positive meaning, you are building towards a better future.

Failed to get that promotion? It means there is an EVEN BETTER job out there. Failed to make the team/group you wanted? It means there is another team that will help you discover new abilities and grow.

Just keep reminding yourself:

“I won’t ask for it to be easier, I’m going to work to make myself smarter and to have more abilities.”