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Janine Kavanagh

I'm one of life's great investors. From a young age I've felt life, observed life, heard life and questioned life differently to others. I've found that life shows up in those unplanned, unrehearsed, unexpected and unreasonable moments. Here "real" life is often felt for the first time. It can leave you with feeling anything from vulnerability to overwhelm, excitement to fear, apprehension to anger with a sense of lost and found all in one go. As a writer, I've given word to these moments, meaning to the feelings that surround them and a down-to-earth frame around the experiences. I write with with humour, honesty and sarcasm, giving voice to what most think but don't say. As a Life Coach, I arrive unpolished and unashamedly myself and encourage my clients to do the same. Life, real life, shouldn't be done alone. The art of letting go of shit is much more fun done together without a script.Janine is a life coach and catalyst for Shift and author for The Angry Therapist. She is also the creator of Hanging out with Healthy.
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