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Derek Stupski

Derek Stupski is born and raise out of Binghamton, New York. Out of high school he received a scholarship to play division 1 baseball for Long Island University – Brooklyn (LIU-Brooklyn) where he played four years and earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, with honors. Upon graduating from LIU he then became the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the then Newark Bears professional baseball team (Newark, NJ) as well as a general manager of a private personal training studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In 2013, Derek opened Stupski Fitness and has been owner and operator since. Stupski Fitness now has over 250 active members, serving hundreds of people in the Greater Binghamton Area. Going just beyond personal training, Derek has to work as a leader, provide motivation and inspiration to his employees and members on a daily basis. Believing everyone is capable of achieving incredible success, Derek is making it his duty to spread his word and experience to as many people as possible to help them achieve what they desire.