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Bob Marley Quotes On Love, Life and Music

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  1. Billybush says:

    With bob it seems we’ve just gotta be neutral all the way, and do what we love the best. that is to lovingly influence and make those around us feel live. Now that is life on the good side. Take no sides & blame no one….

  2. tebo van wyk says:

    Bredren wa gwaan. . . Tanks for sharing with I bob marley’s quotes sure today they final turned mi life around tanks I once again

  3. michel says:

    Good arctile 🙂 Bob marley quotes are always a way to feel better

  4. vikram singh says:

    I m INDIAN . I LIKE BOB MARLEY AND THANKS FOR QUOTES .HE IS A GREAT MAN .I believe his can be truly change their life.

  5. vusi slender-by-nature Matsebula says:

    Wow first I am grateful at the man and thank God for showing us His human charector through Bobs life and to Bob forever grateful for allowing us to know that its possible to let God work through U for the benefit of mankind. And coming to your question, How can I even begin to compare his quotes but one that stands out for me is the one on “U never know how strong u are until to be strong is the only choice u have” it fits very well with my living with HIV for 24years now. but as an AIDS activist the one says “live for yourself and u live in vain, but live for others and you most fulfilled “, thank u to u for the collection of such fine work. Jah Bless Jah guide Jah protect! if its possible I would be humbly grateful to receive from U posters of the life prophet…

  6. says:

    I was more than happy to uncover this page. I wanted tto thank you for oes time forr this particularly
    fantastic read!! I definiitely loved every part of it and i also have you book-marked to see neww stuff in your website.

  7. RastaKasami says:

    Comment: live forever bobmarley

  8. BobMarleyRastafari2016 says:

    Thank you for sharing Bob Marley quotes!!!! My fav quote: “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” – Bob Marley
    This quote reminds me to continue to focus on making a difference no matter how tempted I might become. #bobmarley #quotes

  9. Karen Governale says:

    The quote that starts “Only once in your life” was NOT written by Bob Marley! I wrote this years ago while sitting on my couch. Its quite amusing how it was tagged as a Bob Marley quote and I am honored that the world loves it so much…but the fact is I wrote it. It would be really great if you could take his name off of it. Thank you!

    1. Nick Bernardi says:

      I had to read this at a friend’s wedding last year. I tried to tell them there is no way Bob Marley wrote this thing, but they insisted I read it anyway. It’s a nice enough passage, but it doesn’t align with his creative voice. It also has the tone of someone who works in an office (I imagine you do/did when you wrote it). I laughed half way through the reading picturing Bob Marley saying these things in his Jamaican accent.

    2. shoddy says:

      Comment:there’s no proof for that mi sista

  10. rocker cruise says:

    Comment: super fine sir you no how much i

    love u. ,,if u love your work so your life
    success and u loves your life so successfully happen all work…

  11. Albert says:

    Jeffery, Thank You!!!

  12. vasanth says:

    keep doing it ……….
    my best wishes……..

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      Thank you, Vasanth!!!

  13. Selva D says:

    Thank you for this awesome collection of Bob Marley quotes!!!! Long live Bob!!!!

  14. Dan Tardiel says:

    I am Jamaican born and raised now world citizen and proud to declare Bob Marley my concept of a God

  15. Terence Carlosie Rutanhira says:

    Comment:Bob Marley is the bestest forever

  16. kumar N sreedhar says:

    He is a great man .I believe his can be truly change their life.

  17. Ithonsana likaNdikandika says:

    Comment: Bob Marley was, is and wil be the Best till the end of time. The brightness of his mind will shine through every mind that listen to his music, who jah blesses no one curses . . . . . . . . . , @ithonsana

  18. Jeremy says:

    Great,jus’ exceptionally moving…Lord Jesus gave Marley to us,hope to meet him in heaven one day…Irie!!!

  19. Mouli Dube says:

    Comment: Bob Marley…their may b a lot of writers around the world…bt this amazing persons simple and straight foeward quots matches so many day to day afirs of so many people that these writers fail to match. I am not critesizing anybody…i am just saying that this person’s quots r so simple and real tht a person who cn undrstnd english wil b able to undrst each and evry word he says in his extraordinaryly simple quots

  20. alfa says:

    bob marley is the best

  21. orjinze uchenna says:

    Keep the good work on,#jah bless i and I.

  22. Jorge Valencia says:

    I had lost my way, lost the words I needed to get by my day, forgot the one who most influenced my soul, disregarded the fact that Robert Nesta Marley is nothing less than one of Gods messengers/prophets, his words soothe, heal, rile up and move you, how could I have forgotten that his music is not only about the hard bass and lyrics, but more his expressions on daily life, to hear songs like Punky Reggae Party remind me of being young and feeling left out by society, yet Bob explained exactly how to live through it cause Jah saw them coming!
    No woman no cry, the day we left those streets of NYC to move to the country in NC I felt I had a song to remind me of growing up on those hard streets, Concrete Jungle… Do I need to explain….
    Satisfy my soul is exactly what this song does for me, Three Little Birds tear me up thinking of my kids, I can go on and on, so instead I have just purchased the total collection on iTunes and will get back to listening clearly to what one of Gods greatest creations gave us!
    God keep his soul as we keep his memory, Rest in Peace Warrior of Good and Love!

  23. Russell Endersby says:

    truly an inspiration, my mother margaret loved bob, cancer hurt her three little birds helped. RIP

  24. Ras Afrika says:

    I can simply say God bless you for what you’ve shared with us

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ras!!! 🙂



    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      Right on Sabhaniah!

  26. ilove bob marley because they giving their opinion for what the life’s our and love for what .

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      I agree!!! 🙂

  27. Wendell A. Brown says:

    One can understand why he was a great writer, and songsmith, by the common sense that he expresses in his words. A lot of genuine love in there and no sugar coating, just being real, accepting life as it is and making the most out of each moment…thanks for sharing Jeff, it made my day…perhaps because I have always love the man and his musical gift…but what you gave us today will always be a treasure for many! Awesome my brother! Have a wonderful day, I will let you know…I am going to reblog it! Blessings!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Wendell, I agree, he was powerful is his music, actions and writing! A true force! Thanks for all the kind words and have a great day too!

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