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How To Add More Good News To Your Timeline

Add More Good News To Your Timeline
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  1. Harsh yadav says:

    Hello tonya,
    Just finished reading your posts and it’s very positive and showed me the good side of social media. Though i would like to ask something. As most of the self help gurus and motivational blogger preach about the adverse effects of social media and they suggest to restrict the use of social media because they feel it lowers down our productivity.
    However, i am also a blogger and you can very well understand that we also need to promote our content and manage our social profiles so obviously we have to spend time on social media. We have no choice.
    So i am always curious to know how bloggers and other people manage both things? How they successfully manage their social media presence without facing adverse effects of social media?

    1. Tonya says:

      HARSH, you bring up a couple of good points and the truth is that we have to learn to almost micro-manage our time. Especially with writers and creatives, it’s easy to simply act on an idea or subject that pops into our minds and gets swept up in writing and creating. I had to manage my month, weeks, days and hours. I have set days that I write and schedule social media posts and days that are strictly for pitching and pr work. I schedule everything. I resist spontaneous blogging to make sure that I get everything done in good time.

      I hope that this answers it for you. I would love to check out your blog. Send me your link.

      1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

        Go Tonya! Whoa! Thanks for sharing that!!

      2. Harsh yadav says:

        Hello Tonya, Am so sorry, i completely forgot to reply. You can find my blog link by clicking on my name above. It will redirect you to my blog. Thanks.

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