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50 Best Mark Twain Quotes on Writing and Education

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  1. Nagib says:

    Mark Twain his wisdom beyond us. Each generation has this kind of man. We are so lucky, albeit the man is no longer with us, but his word is. Thanks for your work to compile these fruitful quotes. You got my salution !

  2. Vedant Maheshwari says:

    Mark Twain is the one of the best person in the world.they can motivate with their great words . We cannot imagine they are very precious can also see my capability YouTube channel ideas

  3. Sujoy das says:

    Mark Twain was a living legend & had some great words that can motivate the inner you! I really appreciate your effort in putting this together to motivate everyone of us! You can see my effortsXposed Framework

  4. Daniel Moffett says:

    Mark Twain has some of the greatest quotes of the 20th century. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but as an English major I’ve enjoyed his saying’s for years.

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