5 Best Motivational Speakers To Pump You Up!

top motivational speakers
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  1. Inet Kemp says:

    Many speakers share their own experiences and story. One experience I’ll never forget was when I attended a speaking event by Lorne Sulcas, better known as The Big Cat Guy. I thought he was totally unique and different. His message was not of people to people. But a message far bigger than us. With his keynotes, he shares the million-year old success lessons from Nature that opened the audience’s eyes … very wide. He started a research project, to study the area’s lion, leopard and cheetah populations. What he describes is every day’s immense beauty. But behind Nature’s awesomeness, is a constant struggle for survival in the face of massive change and competition – for every species, even at the top of the food chain.
    If you have the story, the lesson is always there. It makes it so easy to refer back to and ask: “What do I need to do now?” And instantly you’d be able to recall. And this is what big organisations do to get their people to act and grow. And they do so with enthusiasm. Because it’s the story that they’ve engaged and has become a part of them. I guess this is what true motivation does.
    In my mind, he will be forever remembered. Go have a look.

  2. Nancy says:

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  3. Nancy says:

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  5. Narsingh Mehlawat says:

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  6. nancy says:

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  8. Aditya Mehta says:

    I think Parikshit Jobanputra is the best motivational speaker in my view.
    Many people are inspired from Parikshit Jobanputra, his speeches are very interesting and motivational. Apart from these list of Motivational Speakers, there are few more motivational speakers. Parikshit Jobanputra is one of them. You may check out and know who he is, his successful parenting seminars, workshops and more.

  9. Have you heard of Donna Hartley? She’s an amazing motivational speaker!

  10. Pooja kumari says:

    These motivational speakers are not only motivate us but also give a best chance to get success in our life. If we understand life style and working style of these motivational speakers then we can also get huge success in our life. So we should try to follow these mind blowing persons.!!!!
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  11. Susama Mishra says:

    I work in a fmcg company in India. Have attended several corporate training programs and most of them were good. But the best sales training program I attended was by the trainer Alok Das. He was simply amazing and his approach was unique. Quite different from other trainers. Got immediate results. But I found that he maintains a low profile and doesn’t share his number with everyone. I just have his email id [email protected]

  12. Anderson says:

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  13. Lance Stevens says:

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  14. clement sadjere says:

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  15. Naeem Akhter says:

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  16. Mathew Dave says:

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  17. Jeus Paul says:

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