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5 Motivational Videos To Re-Energize You and Your Team



Best Motivational Quotes

5 Great Motivational Videos For Your Team

For most, Monday is not the best day of the week. We crawl into work missing the weekend and cringe at the thought of tackling what feels like a bottom-less to do list.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to get myself out of a rut is by watching a motivational video. Whether it’s Tony Robbins, Les Brown, or a quote compilation, there’s just something about these videos that instantly gives me a boost of energy and determination. They really do work!

Best Motivational Quotes

At the company where I work, we try to be very cognizant of our energy levels and our focus. In fact, some people at my office even have a note on their computer that says “how is your energy and focus?” Every Monday we gather around as a team for what we call a “Sensei Session”. Our CEO or other member of the Leadership Team will deliver company news and (more importantly) lead a 30-45 minute personal or professional development training.

These Monday meetings have been around since we were a 5 person team a couple years ago, and something we still do as our team has grown to over 35. It’s something we all look forward to because it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to walk away from that meeting feeling better than you did when it started.

A staple of our Sensei Session has always been a good motivational video. So without further ado, here are my 5 favorite motivation videos that help our team feel re-energized and inspired to dominate the day.


    1. How Incredibly Successful People Think

This video was done by Brendon Burchard, NY Times Best Selling Author of The Charge. Brendon shares what he notices about the way successful people think versus how unsuccessful people think.


  1. The Puzzle of Motivation

It’s a fact that incentives are the best way to motivate people, right? Think again. Dan Pink offers some really valuable research that proves over and over again that external factors are not the correct way to motivate people.


  1. Why Do We Fall

 Ask anyone who has ever succeeded at something and you’ll find that a majority of them failed (and failed often) before they achieved their goal. What really matters is how you look at failure. Do you take it as an opportunity to learn or do you see it as a complete roadblock between you and what you want to achieve? That’s what this video from the Matusz M channel on YoutTube is all about.


  1. A Pep Talk From Kid President to You

Who said all motivational videos have to carry a serious tone? I don’t think it’s possible to watch this clip without a good chuckle. Check it out, you’re going to feel happier afterwards.


  1. Prove Them Wrong

The title says it all – just prove the doubters wrong. There are people in your life who will say you can’t do something. They’ll make you feel like your dream isn’t good enough or that it’s impossible to reach. Harness that feeling and make it something positive. Use it to fuel the fire that motivates you to achieve what it is you want in life.

Hopefully you found something on this list that you can use at the next Monday department meeting to get things started on the right foot. If you want 6 more awesome videos to help you and your team get inspired, check out the original post here.