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4 Beliefs About Failure That Will Help You Be More Successful



4 Beliefs About Failure That Will Help You Be More Successful

Failure exists to the extent that one does not reach a prescribed outcome or destination.According to the dictionary, failure is defined as “lack of success.” Being defined as the opposite of success is not a clear way to define it because it is too dependent on its counterpart.Asthe opposite of success, failure is noted as something that should be averted.It is the outcome that none of us objectify, seek or want. None of us seek less than the best for ourselves in any endeavor that we partake in.

4 Beliefs About Failure That Will Help You Be More Successful

1.) In order to fully understand failure we must frame it within its own context.

We all associate success with the best probable outcome for any endeavor. Hence, the reason we pursue success as the ultimate outcome no matter what.  The lack of success produces an undesired result, otherwise known as failure. In the end, none of us want to be on the opposite spectrum of success. Success is always the goal.It is something that we all must live with every day. When we set in our minds to a particular outcome and for whatever reason we don’t reach it. The failed result give us feelings of inadequacies. To quantify those emotions would be telling as a form of justification that failure not only exists but that it is an undesired result. One that causes us to uphold the standard of success to greater depths of objectivities.


2.) Failure’s existence is noted through our lives

How do we know that Failure exists? Having failed is no more than a state of disillusioned. Failure is marked by a state of discontentment with the status quo. Any time we are unhappy with the current state of accomplishment, we are in state of failure. Take for example, the simple act of riding a bike, we know the goal is to remain on the bike and ride.  Anything other than that would be deemed less than the accomplishment of the goal. Suppose a person were to fall off the bike they intended to ride, that would be considered failure. Much like falling off a bike, when know our intent is to ride not fall on our knees, we experienced discontentment at the latter state. We know that we should have feeling of euphotic accomplishments not the pain, hurt and embarrassment that we feel when we fall on the ground.


3.) Failure is destination very much like success.

The only difference is that none of us set course for it.  If there was a compass or navigation system in life we all haveit aimed high towards success but the lower echelon is the failed destination. When our aim at success gets misdirected we end up in the land nowhere that is failure. We know that it exists because when we fail, everyone knows. It’s not as though success and failure can confounded where people come and pat us on the back as a measure of accomplishment. Instead when we fail, people whisper about us in lieu of congratulating us, they feel sorry for us, and our stories become cautionary tales. Should it be asked of anyone who has a failed endeavor or who has experienced failure, their goal is always that the experience doesn’t get repeated. We abhor failure and its affects. We justify ourselves that it doesn’t feel good, it does not represent the best of our abilities.


4.) People’s reactions to our failures sets the tone for how we cope and deal with failure.

Even in namesake alone, failure from its etymology denotes something negative of a loss.  Whereas its counterpart success you find ample room for continuity. One word implies the end while the other implies a possible journey. It is often said that success is journey not a destination. The opposite is also possibly true and that failure is a destination. Once you have failed at something that is the end of the road for that chapter. There is nothing much less to be done. Going back to the bike scenario once you fall off you have failed at the objective of staying on the bike. However, you may have the opportunity to pick yourself self-up and turn the failed experience into a success. Failure may be converted to success.


It is Winston Churchill that stated it best,“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  Failure may not be fatal but it can have some devastating effects on our lives. It can shake the very foundation of who we are. Whether it’s a business or a personal endeavor when we fail something in us die. It may be the dream or the hope for a better outcome but what dies does not get revive. Completely unaware, we go on living hopping for a better outcome for the next episode or the next chapter of our lives