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3 Ways to Stay Grounded During the Transition into Spring



3 Ways to Stay Grounded During the Transition into Spring

Spring is here!  It’s a season of expansion and blossoming.  Trees are flowering, the weather’s getting warmer, and businesses are often in full swing as Q1 comes to a close – yup, the energy is definitely increasing!  As you start to shift into this extroverted energy, ensure you also maintain your optimal edge and vitality by taking time to ground yourself and come home to your body.

3 Ways to Stay Grounded During the Transition into Spring

More energy is definitely a good thing when used strategically.  Sometimes, it’s easy to get swept up and overstimulation occurs, which creates a disconnection between our awareness of and receptivity to the messages our bodies are constantly sharing with us.  Use these grounding practices to incorporate the gifts of the season without feeling frantic.



Literally and quite simply take your shoes off and place your beautiful bare tootsies on a natural piece of Earth outside.  Feel your toes in the grass, dirt, sand, water, whatever!  Engage your senses and notice how the texture feels against your skin and allow your eyes to take in the natural surroundings and welcome the relief from staring at a screen.



Put on your favorite music and get up and move some energy!  Turn your inner critc off and allow your body to move in response to the music as its many beautiful components work together to co-create a unique groove.



To me there’s no greater expression of self-love and self-care than taking time to lovingly apply some oil or lotion from head to toe.  Allow your skin to luxuriate in the sensations and scents.  Notice areas of tension in your body and give yourself the same TLC you would your beloved as you massage away stress and negativity and welcome the softening of your body.


Mindfully taking time to check in with our bodies is crucial to our wellbeing.  With a little practice fueled by an honest effort and intention to reconnect, you can begin a harmonious relationship with trillions of cells that all support your best interest. Commit to trying at least one form of a body-connecting practice each day for the next week and notice the remarkable impacts on your life!  Happy Spring!