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Inspirational Alan Watts Quotes About Life, Love and Dreams

Inspirational Alan Watts Quotes About Life, Love and Dreams
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  1. LIT says:

    If you watch/listen to his lectures most of your comments had absolutely nothing to do with what you were talking about


    Amazing resource of information…..a sense of great calm prevailed after reading them all…..all of them provide a clue to a mystery called life…..let us be practical in using them.

  3. Jackie says:

    Nice piece. I especially like the reminder that faith requires letting go… Give up control and be at peace believing the results will in the long run work out for your good.

  4. dbcityl says:

    no doubt, Alan Watts used the 1st quote about “mud clearing best when left alone”, but it’s actually literally from Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching”, and Watts, of course, talked & teached mostly about Tao and zen. As to quote’s and video’s, well, the best for me would very much depend on the moment, since all of them are intelligent , funny and inspiring. I really like when he talks about reality and illusion, but since his knowledge is so immensely vast, he never ceases to astonish me with metaphors and examples from western as much as eastern “culture”, in almost anything he wrote or said. But here’s a nice one that’s a little different

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!!!! 🙂

  5. Thomas Tizya says:

    Imagine yourself stranded on an island with a small community of the island people and a large variety of different landscapes and natural formations. On this island, there are plenty of resources, more than anyone could ever want. There is no economy on this island because all your needs are given too you from the island, you have everything you need to live the rest of your life in moderate comfort.

    Now as you see all the native islanders all have their own unique professions they preform to make the island a better place, they also have hobbies and many activitys they love to do.

    If you could choose 3 fun activitys to mold your life around while living on the island, what would they be?, would it be Astronomy?, Cooking?, Mountaineering?, Wingsuit flying?, Teaching?, Constructing and designing? Anything at all you deem a fun activity that you would love to spend your time doing.

    Take those 3 things and make them a reality in the real world. What Alan Watts is saying is that you need to make your life pursuit based on your enjoyment of that activity first, then mold an income off of it. You know what I’m trying to say?

  6. jrd says:

    About money he says we are wasting our lives. Then who will pay our bills. Most of don’t have money from over 25 books in the bank to live off like he has. We still have to work. I don’t like people with lots of money tell me I don’t have to work.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts JRD! 🙂

    2. AMM says:

      You took him too literally. Watts is simply saying one should not be all consumed with the pursuit of money. Of course one needs money to pay the bills, and most people want to live financially comfortable. What he’s stating is money shouldn’t be your motivation.

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