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10 Things That Happen When You Start To Live Your Dreams

live your dreams
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  1. Sol says:

    I had a dream I could never achieve, which was being a popular singer and composer. Life actually never gave me a real chance, so circumstances never allowed me to realize that that was my dream, and after I realized, it was too late (yeah, ironic). Nevertheless, when I thought that music was my only purpose, something that started as a hobby woke up a passion I didn’t know about: which is production and writing TV dramas and movies (and all that involves, as casting, BGM, OST, photography, directing, etc.). It’s still remains as a hobby, but it gave a hope to my heart knowing that I can have multiple talents and give people more. Being part of a production would be SUPERB ~who knows what is forward?

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      Wow, Sol, thank you so much for sharing a piece of your story! Keep us posted on your journey!

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