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5 Empowering Thoughts After The Ugliest Presidential Campaigns Ever

presidential campaign
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  1. Jackie Walker says:

    Right that is the sentiment…move forward! We can harness our power if we work together. Sometimes we don’t like our leaders, but it’s not about liking them, it’s about getting what we need done. Thanks for your commentary and support.

  2. Robert says:

    Jackie Walker,
    Thank you! This was a very different election season for a lot of reasons. For one, this was the first time that one of my children voted. As a result, the entire campaign/election process became teachable moments. Now that it is over, I couldn’t help but feel the “now what” effect. You have perfectly captured necessary information to help us MOVE FORWARD as individuals and as contributors to this country’s success AND you made it easy enough for everyone to understand. Please keep the information coming. We have a lot of work to do out here!

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