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3 Powerful Ways To Own Your Emotions Instead Of Them Owning You

3 Powerful Ways To Own Your Emotions Instead Of Them Owning You
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  1. Elisa Klüver says:

    This is fantastic. I love the simple steps, I do it similarly but hadn’t broken it down into so many great A’s 😉

    I recommend Orgasmic Meditation as a way to learn to stay conscious in high sensation (when we feel a lot) – it’s taught me in many places when I used to ‘check out’ or ‘react’ – like it’s been described above, to feel the sensation even before labelling it (heat and tightness in my belly – instead of anger/jealousy/turn on?).

    The OM practice was something I could do repeatedly – and it shifted the way my body responded – when I wasn’t aware of my emotions and unable to accept fully feeling the less happier ones at all.

    1. Colin T. McLetchie says:

      Awareness and naming are so powerful! I’m so glad the As resonated with you!

  2. Friderike Butler says:

    Perfect and fitting complement to the mini workshop Sarah and I facilitated this morning and I will share this with all attendants. You offer simple and effective techniques that can make all the difference in creating ‘optimal conflict’ situations and engaging in purposeful conversations. Thank you for putting your thoughts into sharable words.

  3. Joan Fletcher says:

    Colin, You did an amazing job of capturing emotional capability and how to take action on a few steps to improve our careers and relationships and more through keeping our emotions in check. I hope many read this article and use your steps. I will share it with many. Imagine if more and more people were able to show up as they want and not as an over active amygdala! Thanks for this great article.

  4. Nakul Grover says:

    Thanks for sharing, Colin. Reading inspirational articles early in the morning makes my day. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ????

    1. Colin T. McLetchie says:

      So glad it resonated with you!!

  5. Shawn says:

    Hi Colin, this is a very informative and useful article.
    What I have learned from Anthony Robbins’ seminar is that he said that our emotion is created by our motion.
    So whenever I wanted to change my state, I simply change my motion. I jump, I sing, I fist pumped or I simply walk around.
    As what you have mentioned, taking deep breaths help to change our state too.

    1. Colin T. McLetchie says:

      Yes, yes, and more yes, Shawn! The four pathways to change / internal transformation are B.E.S.T.: Body, Emotion, Spirit, and Thought. All four of those are seeking congruence, so if you shift one, the others tend to follow!

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