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5 Fears That Contribute To Us Making Excuses

fears That Contribute To Making Excuses
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  1. Ash says:

    I would have to say that I disagree with the “disorder of laziness.” We’re a product of our experiences. For example, someone that weighs 300lbs may come from a family where fried foods and TV marathons we’re the staples of their lifestyle. They obviously appear lazy, but it’s really about them not being unfamiliar with these changes, and lets be honest — the unfamiliar is intimidating and uncomfortable. Even scary. Who wants to be the fat guy on the treadmill struggling to power walk? People want to avoid pain, and that applies to the pain of embarassment just as much as sore muscles.

    Whatever we do or don’t do, it’s about avoiding pain or seeking pleasure. And much of the seeking and avoiding we do are based on subconscious beliefs that we have about ourselves. Like that guy from above that weighs 300lbs? Well he grew up believing that nothing he did was ever good enough. So now he’s an adult and he’s ready to give up before he even starts something because he believes he’s a failure. He’d rather avoid the pain of failing and save himself the pointless effort of even trying because he thinks it will only end in him failing. And naturally, he’s right, because his beliefs produce their equal in commitment and effort.

    Laziness is a blanket term that can be applied to many things, but it runs soooooo much deeper than that.

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