3 Ways To Overcome Self - Doubt And Reach Your Goals

3 Powerful Ways Your Talent Can Help You Overcome Self-doubt And Reach Your Goals

overcome self-doubt
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  1. Nena says:

    Tee, I truly think what you wrote is brilliant! I especially liked how deep you went into the topic by sharing other authors` links on a few points you mentioned yourself! I`ve read them all and learned from them, too.
    TALENT compared to FAULT/WEAKNESS is so neglected. Even as kids at school, I was always wondering – why was not more attention dedicated to developing talents in children, but was rather focused on misbehaviour, faults and weaknesses? I found it so illogical and unfair to a certain point. Talented kids were usually left aside.
    I think you are pointing out such an important thing – firstly, to recognize a talent; cherish it, nurture it, SHARE it and never let it go… I thank you for lifting my spirits and reminding me to focus on my talents!
    Waiting eagerly for more posts of yours!

    1. Tee says:

      Hi Nena,
      Yes, I agree that talent is almost always neglected and the emphasis stays on flaws and weaknesses which is so wrong. If we paid more attention to our children and gave them an opportunity to show us what they are naturally good at, nurture their gifted side and encourage them to develop it fully, there wouldn’t be as many problems in the world nowadays and many more kids would be better guided as to what to do in their life and career. Thank you for your excellent points and kind words. Stay brilliant!

  2. Yasser says:

    I like the thought about focusing on my strengths. i have to remind myself constantly about them but reading it now helps a lot. also, sharing my gift with the world is something i’ve never tried so far but i am willing to do. the way you put it makes me believe that it works. something to look forward to.

    1. Tee says:

      Thanks Yasser! Yes, share your gift! You will be tested along the way, but never quit! The world needs more problem solvers with brilliant ideas. Go for it!

  3. Tamara says:

    Dear Tee, I enjoyed your article so much! Keep writing!

    1. Tee says:

      Thank you Tamara, you made me smile! Stay brilliant!

  4. Ari Gupta says:

    I agree that talent is important and I often overlook the advantages of havin a gift to do smth in my life. This article was an eye opener. I just wish I had the drive to do it every day. Any useful tips?
    Aslo u said “And if someone tries to bring you down and criticize your hard work, just ignore them” I agree, but how do I do this? Thanks for ur reply.

    1. Tee says:

      Hi Ari, thank you for your comment! I am glad you asked these questions and I am here to help you.
      Let me start by saying that you are a winner and that winning is a habit.

      When you put your mind to something and you do everything to succeed. You practice daily, you develop your skills, you set goals, you work hard. And you do it every single day.
      Because you are determined.
      You get used to winning at what you do that any time you lose feels awful. So you get up, dust yourself off and continue.
      You learn from your failures and build on your success. You fight until you get where you want to be.
      It’s the same with negative people. They’re just people with miserable minds. But you’re not one of them. You are you – you choose to be happy, creative and productive.

      And this winning in life just like brushing teeth or eating healthy becomes a habit. It’s part of who you are and it’s the only way to live.

      You choose to win.

      You can do anything you imagine. You create your brilliance.

  5. John B. says:

    Great article TR! I wish there were more articles on this topic.
    Even as a teacher I rarely talk about talents to my students because many parents feel that I may be doing their child a disfavor if I push them to work hard on what they’re naturally good at. But I am sure that everyone has a talent for something and if we worked on it every day we’d become masters of it, as you said.
    And what a great example – David Blaine is truly a genius!

    1. Tee says:

      Hi John, thanks for your comment. It’s interesting to learn about your experience as a teacher. But it is amazing that you are pushing your students to work hard on what they are naturally good at. If every teacher did this, the world would be a better place. And I’m sure you’d agree with me that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”
      You are on your way to being great. Create your briliance!

  6. Shke says:

    Dear Tee,i must tell you that I found your article so truthfull and closest to my way of thinking. The David Blaine analogy was simply brilliant. Thay guy is a genious. Period. And I really like your phrase”don’t dwell on disappointments”. You see I always find that people around me try to find a negative side whenever I present them my new idea or theory or whatever. It’s like they are afraid to even try once or twice something new. They are afraid of failure. But that is so boring to me. Why not be so stubborn and keep trying until you become better and better at it? If I haven’t practiced my tennis groundstrokes to the insane levels that I have,I wouldn’t be half a player I am today.
    Dear Tee,I really enjoyed this and please please,pretty please,keep writing your super interesting thoughts coz you found an eager follower in me.
    All the best and take care.

    1. Tee says:

      Hi Shke, thank you for your comment. I understand your disappointment with people in your surroundings that look at the world through negativity. But they will always exist and will try to find a way to persuade you that your way of thinking is wrong. And as you said they are afraid to even try because they’re afraid of failure. I’m so happy to hear about your positive attitude and persistence. This is how legends are made. These are the people who succeed in life and you are surely one of them. Keep practicing and stay brilliant! Empower yourself!

  7. Serrato says:

    I find negativity so hard. So many times we can fail and we do fail but waiting for that breakthrough point is so emotionally hard. However once that moment comes i believe Everything is possible. Yes we can get motivated over and over again but without our commitment, hard work and strong habits we wont see our success. Anyways what I am trying to say failing will only get you better and stronger as you mentined Tee in your article. That was a great read and will def recommend it.

    1. Tee says:

      Thank you so much, Serrato! I agree that without commitment and hard work we cannot reach the results we want. And sometimes we need to fail to succeed. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Remember, your mind is powerful. You can do anything you imagine. Keep creating your brilliance!

  8. Albert says:

    Tee, I like what you said about negativity. I find it hard to let go of negative thoughts or experiences and tend to dwell on this for quite a long time. I also worry about what others think. Thanks for the positive words, I really needed them.

    1. Tee says:

      Thank you, Albert! I’m glad you found motivation that you needed. Always let positivity rule your world. Stay brilliant!

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