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Ed Roman Releases Veterans Benefit Song



Ed Roman 1 (1)

Ed Roman Releases Veterans Benefit Song

Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Ed Roman has teamed with Heart Songs for Veterans to release a benefit single, that will go to aid veterans across the United States.  Ed wrote the song during his sessions for upcoming album, “Red Omen,” which is due out in spring 2016.

Ed Roman says, “Lay one down is just not a refrain in a chorus and repeating metaphor for the end of something but it is in fact the beginning of a new philosophy. When we see a person in any walk of life going through hardships we have a tendency to become conditioned to the idea that the dogma that we practice forces us away from direct contact from those people. “Laying One Down” could be your arms, that is to say weapons and the things we used to destroy ourselves every day. There are so many things that are hidden in the fog of historical fact, yet despite they are truths, we still find them a difficult pill to swallow. And if you are falling down and you figured a way up,  help somebody up with you to make the moment stronger for both and everyone around you. The changes come quick and like a thief in the night and you never know when your life will turn on end. Respect the moment and the people around you no matter who they are or what they’ve done. This is why tire selfless love is a difficult and yet beautiful conundrum we are continually forced to deal with. This is what the song means to me, what the moment is trying to tell me and the many tentacles to ulterior meanings in all of the language.’
Ed Roman 3
“It’s a great honor and privilege to be able to have this music as a part of such a noble cause and help people who have given their lives souls and so much more in the process of this deluge we call war. When an individual or group contributes by buying the songs they are helping someone else in need. We all feel like were a part of it and working together towards something so important . It’s been such a positive experience working with Heart Songs for Veterans, that I encourage others to become involved in this type of support.  Big It Up. Lay One Down.”
“Lay One Down” is available on itunes, amazon and all major online music retailers.  Download it to support veterans charities.
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Good News

The Happiness Index: How To Measure Happiness Around the World



The Happiness Index

“Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking.” ― Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910)


The Optimum Happiness Index Project recognizes that happiness is not merely about the individual, but the human family, intrinsically linked as a community of influence. The worldview of a person, community, or nation, can have a profound influence on national and international relations.

Our worldview can bring us in conformity (peace and happiness) with others—religions, races, and cultures—or in conflict with others. It begins in the family; with the lessons that we learn as children in our homes and in other foremost institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues.

The happiness of a nation is the “aggregate happiness” of its happy people, which are mutually inclusive. One might assume that effective leadership, good governance, and hospitable ecological conditions of life are factors that contribute to a high national “Happiness Index” (HI).

The Happiness Index

Conversely, poor leadership, bad governance, and inhospitable living conditions, are factors that contribute to a low national happiness index in some nations. GNP and GDP are not true barometers of a nation’s overall health, living standards, quality of life, “Poverty Index” (PI), or happiness of its people.



The Happiness Index: Measuring Happiness Around The World

It would be a noteworthy statistical asset to nations to develop a third statistical measure such as Gross Social Progress (GSP).

This important measure is an essential barometer of a nation’s social and economic health. It’s also a measure that would be consistent with the happiness of the people of the nation depicted in global studies in a nation’s happiness indicator, such as the United Nations (UN) World Happiness Report.

The Happiness Index

Many other organizations that record world trends paint a bleak picture of the future if global leaders continue to leave unchecked cataclysmic events such as: global warming, poverty, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation.

When researchers measure the happiness index of nations, they could highlight nondemocratic leadership and bad governance as a predominant factor in the “happiness equation.” They should also highly recommend effective leadership and good governance as essential enablers to the happiness of their nations.


Happiness Begins with You

We can all influence the “happiness index” when each of us recognizes that we are responsible for the sum of human suffering, though we may not be directly involved. We are by our spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, and physical connection responsible for all of the genocide, the wars, the hunger, the brutality in the world, and all of the unhappiness.

The Happiness Index

Happiness will blossom when we reject any “moral alibi” for human suffering. We can do something to tap into the wellsprings of humanity that flow through a heart of love (agápē) for fellow human beings – regardless of station in life.

When we see the world through the eyes of our “neighbors,” we can begin to understand their plight. We can begin to communicate with them as a human family. It is only then that hope can exist for humanity, notwithstanding the unhappy “clash of cultures” playing out on the world stage within nations – and between some nations worldwide.


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Good News

How To Add More Good News To Your Timeline



Add More Good News To Your Timeline

At this day and age, it is clear that we have become addicted to our social media channels and digital tools. People often can’t wait to respond to posts or read replies. Even though it’s a great way to stay connected, it does seem that much of what is going on in the news is negative.

It is then up to us, the general population, to bring out the positive in all that is going on. We can’t rely on mainstream media to make our days bright. We must take an active role in being the light in the world we live in.

Someone is going to read your post today. Will it make them happier, sadder, or more stressed? Or will it life them up and add hope and perspective?  Let’s go over some of the ways that we can add good news to our timelines to make them more motivating.



6 Ways To Add More Good News To Your Timelines

1.) Share Great News

Add More Good News To Your Timeline

One of the easiest ways to spread the good is to share good news that is already out there. When your friends, family and professional connections take the time to embrace the good things that are happening in their life, celebrate with them.

This not only allows you to be a more positive person, but it gives them additional support. This strengthens your current relationship. As much as misery loves company, accomplishment, happiness, and joy love a great social media celebration.


2.) Be a Fan

Like someone’s fan page or business. Take the time to browse and find something that is amazing, outstanding, or simply original to share on your own timeline.

This allows you to find joy and celebration with them. It also gives your audience new perspective on positive things that are out there that they may not have known about.

Make it a habit to explore pages and businesses that you didn’t know much about. This is an added tool in your arsenal of positive things to share.


3.) Tagging

Tag to include people on your positive posts that will agree and share your good news. Tag folks could benefit from a positive spin on things. Allow it to amplify throughout your timeline.

You can tag organizations and companies, along with friends and professionals that this news will be well received by. Many times, people will re-share and like it, which increases the magnitude of the happiness that you are sending through social media.


4.) Blog

Add More Good News To Your Timeline

It is important that we all have a place where we can be free with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Start a blog. Write down your thoughts on certain issues and feel free to explain them. Elaborate and be as expressive as possible.

Every issue has a good and bad side. Make sure that you highlight it and always conclude with possibilities and solutions. Your blog could be just the thing that lets somebody know that they are not alone. Don’t forget to post on your timeline and tag your friends.


5.) Videos

There should never be a shortness of fun and positive things happening in your life. Record them and share on your social media. Get the laughs. Record the dancing. Get the bloopers and funny moments. Catch the random goofy instances.

Make sure you share this good news. And guess what, they will be re-shared! This is also a way to have a track record of great things that have happened in your life. With all of the negativity surrounding us, it’s truly refreshing to see smiles, laughs, giggles, and public displays of affection.


6.) Pictures

Add More Good News To Your Timeline

Pictures are a great way to make your timeline positive. Colorful pictures can brighten anybody’s day.

Certain images increase positivity: like babies, animals, and food. Who doesn’t get happy when they see a delectable dessert as they scroll down their timeline? Some people may do a double-take, or even ask you for the recipe.

Images from nature are also a good idea. The vivid colors always give a positive spin on whatever negative is going on. With each picture you can add wonderful words of wisdom, or your experience with this particular picture and how it came to be.

A beautiful picture is one of the best ways to spread good news on your timeline.


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