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How to Know If You’re Making the Right Decision- 4 Tell-Tale Signs

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  1. Stranger_visit says:

    facing an issue to take a job decision!! so landed up here, as people say that google has the answer to all your questions. I am from India and have been bought with love and care by my parents,”a little reserved kind family”. I am student of advertising background designing only, yesterday got a call from MTV people regarding a job, but into production and not designing. My parents,i will say being overprotective towards me, they are unhappy with the job offer because it will be busy schedules, outdoor shoots and no family time and yes less income [not from a wealthy family background], they don’t want me to opt for this job and so asked me to take a decision, for my parents happiness i decided to reject the offer.
    Am i right? Have i taken the right decision?
    I don’t know if i am right or wrong but yes i can’t make myself happy and not caring about my parents happiness!

  2. IAMISM says:

    Sometimes, instinct can help us decide on what to do. If you feel that there is a possibility that an action won’t make you happy, do not do it. It is all a matter of decision making. We should be sensitive to these signs. Patience is a virtue, but it should end to some extent – if you are no longer happy.

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