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Have an Attitude of Gratitude in Any Situation

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  1. Opoku John Paul says:

    Wow. Absolutely beautiful, amazing and awesome post. God richly bless you with more grace and thoughts.

  2. Stephanie March says:

    That’s a beautiful story and way of life Marie! Thank you so much for reading and for sharing that. 🙂

  3. Marie Abanga says:

    Dear Stephanie, thank you for this awesome post reminding us of one of the vip ingredients to living a healthy life both for the mind and body. I meditated on thankfulness yesterday and am one person who so loves it to the extent that am often asked what it is am saying this thank you for. Even my mum recently told me she thought I thanked her way too much 🙂
    Now let me share a situation of adversity where finding and expressing gratitude helped me lots. I was risking my job by the way things were unfolding in the office. I saw disaster looming and I was starting down depression drive. Then my boss summoned me and thanked me for my services. I thought my world was crushing, crashing and even crazy henceforth. But I had prepared sort of for that meeting and I was able to thank her sincerely in return. I thank her for the over 2 year confidence, thanked her for the platform, thanked her for all the networking made possible thanks to her. I met President Ellen Johnson my hero thanks to her. And all the travelling you know. Yes I wished both of us well. And there’s been so much possibilities come up since then. I am just so thankful

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