5 Signs You Should Break Up Even When It’s Hard To Do

5 Signs You Should Break Up Even When It's Hard To Do 22
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  1. manpreet says:

    agreed sir.thnku

  2. gitisha mehra says:

    Thanks for sharing sir. one thing I would suggest is that you should also write an article on how to come out of the pain and sufferin of seprating and breaking up with your partner. Thankyou.

  3. Hemant Kapoor says:

    It was a pleasure reading it. Akash sir, I wish to make a suggestion here. Try coming up with a write up about how not to just ‘fall’ in love and do something awesome instead. Also,write about how to overcome a betrayal in love or getting used/duped in the bait of love. One more and very important, how to overcome this love-shuv at a workplace. What could be done if your ‘love’ betrays you and you have to confront him/her at workplace daily. Thank you!

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