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TD Jakes Quotes About Living Your Destiny, Relationships and Success

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  1. ongchinpoh says:

    It is but little when we give to others from our possession. It is when we give from the bottom of our heart that we truly give.
    Live our life from our heart. Share from our heart as deeply as we can reach, and blessings will touch and heal people’s souls, and bring glory to God.

  2. Kelebogile says:

    This man is an anointed man of God, His preaching kept me sane at my darkest hour.. May God Bless him abundantly and may He use him to Bless other more souls too…Thank you so much .

  3. Rhonda Cherry says:

    I want to share that Bishop TD Jakes is on point for this day and time. I listen to his messages as well as tape them and it seems that everything I go through the Bishop talks about it in his message. I truly appreciate God utilizing Bishop Jakes to help us.

    Thank you so much

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      You’re welcome, Rhonda!!!

  4. The Lords Light says:

    The power of words!! When i read some td jakes quotes i almost cried! this was lovely

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