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25 Ways To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone [Infographic]

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  1. dioly says:

    im still struggling what to do and how to do things. i’ve been out from my comfort zone before but get back at it. now i feel exhausted againand its more difficult to get out. thanks for your blog, i will try first to do things differently every day and asks again if i want to get out from my comfort zone which is my job or just need to learn more things while im still in it to unfeel the exhaustion.

  2. Tenaya says:

    Thanks so much for this helpful information. I’ve struggled for a while getting out of my comfort zone. While what you mentioned, I’m already aware of, it does put things into a different perspective hearing it from someone else.

    Blessings for you.

    1. Jeffrey I. Moore says:

      Sometimes we need to fight the battle more than once to win. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Tenaya! 🙂

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