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5 Empowering Beliefs To Get You Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

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      Thanks for sharing!!

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    Love this blog and especially this post!

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    I am taking this with me to 2014.

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      Thanks for sharing this!!!

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  5. wing puah says:

    definitely! health is the most fundamental thing in the world. i find it crazy that people nowadays sacrifice their health for so many other things. i think when you are healthy, there are just so many more things that you could be doing and you could do it with so much more joy. for e.g. i love dancing, yoga and most thing to move my body, but that is only make possible because i eat good nutritious food (delicious too!) that doesn’t drive my energy level haywire thus leading to good health. and the great thing is once i start to exercise, i want to take better care of my health through my food 😀 for me, i think health is mostly 3 aspects moving in a cycle anyway, lifestyle, diet and exercise. (yes, i’m crazy about my food and health and i could talk all day long if you let me :X) and one bonus thing about having good health is cheap living. imagine all the money save from not having to visit the doctor. medical expenses for chronic diseases are simply crazy in my country 😀

  6. Morgan says:

    Fantastic Post, Friend 🙂 Blessings and Joy for a Happy New Year !

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