4 Keys to Success: The Formula To Make Your Dreams Real

4 Keys to Success: The Formula To Make Your Dreams Real

4 Keys to Success The Formula To Make Your Dreams Real
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  1. naturalannie says:

    Love your blog! And thank you for liking my post on my blog.
    I once read a book on Conscious Language, about the power of our words. The author identified power phrases. They are: I can , I will, I choose, I create, I am. Whenever I get discouraged, I remember my “power words! “

  2. Anny Moore says:

    Wow. Extremely interesting and inspiring, but I suppose you already know that. Best regards, Anny Moore.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Anny Moore?? We could be cousins!!! Thank you for the kind words!!

      1. Anny Moore says:

        Yes we could lol :)))

  3. mvsarmiento says:

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  4. mdog32 says:

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    I couldn’t have said this better myself.

  5. firstwds says:

    Good post!

  6. judalon says:

    Love all this positive information and tips. Thanks again for your visit to my Magic28 days blog I appreciate the visit.

  7. gabblab says:

    Very powerful! Thanks! Just what I needed

    1. Everyday Power says:


  8. Beate says:

    Interesting perspective. I live the opposite way: I seek REALITY FIRST. Truth and Love ( who is God, our creator) will make my dreams come true. I am living proof THIS way works better than to talk myself into something I am not.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Great insight. Our reality is based upon what we believe to be true and real.

      1. Beate says:

        Our reality is based on nature, science, facts and real life events. There is only ONE truth. There CAN be only one truth, which is synonymous with reality. I wrote a blog about truth a while back:

        REAL truth can not be altered, though we can imagine, dream and pretend, but that is not the FAITH that brings truth about in our lives, nor will it change our circumstances. Most people live in an illusion and the media helps them along to get more involved with their “desires”, selfish ambitions and perceived happiness. Sad, but true ( no pun intended).

      2. Everyday Power says:

        It was once a scientific fact that the world was flat and anyone who sailed to the edge would fall off – that was proven wrong by sailors of that era – not more ‘facts’. It was once a fact that the earth is the center of the universe and it was once a fact that the earth is only 6,000 years old. Our lives or our reality do not depend on facts, they depend on our actions and our actions depend on our thoughts. People defy limits everyday, literally everyday. Science is being re-writtin as we speak, not by ‘selfish people with perceived happiness’ but by people who dare to take things to a higher level, because they believe past what the eye can see. They know there is more than what has been proven. You raise some great points and I see where you are coming from. Facts are important, indeed. But questioning, curiosity and discovery are much greater and fulfilling parts of life. How we see ourselves will dictate how we see our world – ask anyone who has overcome adversity – ask them how they did it. Our reality is a mirror. And life is much better when we believe in ourselves and believe in others. And that is fact!!!! 🙂 No desire to offend, just speaking my truth!!

  9. coolifedesign says:

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    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thank you for sharing!!!

      1. coolifedesign says:

        No problem, sharing is caring, especially when the content is amazing. Keep raising the bar!

  10. massiell09 says:

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    Just because you fail over and over again does not mean you should stop pursuing your dreams, it just means that you should try a different approach towards that dream. Keep working hard towards your dreams because you may accomplish a lot more than you thought you would.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Great insight and thank you for sharing!!!

  11. massiell09 says:

    Loved it!! Thank you for those words of encouragment.

    1. Everyday Power says:


  12. alebotelho says:

    Love it!! Will definetly stop by often! Cheers

  13. ShubhraTarot says:

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    Creating and Fueling your dreams

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thanks for sharing this!!!

  14. zhalya says:

    Great article! I enjoyed it much. To the above-mentioned list I would add Wisdom to choose the right way. 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging post, Jeff!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Zhalya, anytime!!!

  15. Thank you I love reading your blogs

  16. Audrey-58daydreams says:

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    1. Everyday Power says:

      Audrey, thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Ian Hardie says:

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    Awesome post from Jeff Moore, check out the rest of his blog when you are there as it’s well worth reading

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thank you sharing, Ian!!!

  18. thpayne1 says:

    I am glad you talked about patience. Nothing worth having in life has ever been achieved without hard work and/or opposition. For the rewards of our work and the blessings of God to be received, we must be patient to know they will come when the time is right.

  19. kellyhaslam says:

    Great post! I definitely agree with the hope and confidence ingredients! I think courage and perseverance may be others. My blog is about using music to help you along the twists and turns of life’s journey. Thanks for the words of wisdom and inspiration of this blog!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      My pleasure Kelly! Thank you for stopping by!

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    Reblog from Everyday Power Blog

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thank you for sharing!!!

  21. shoedooo says:

    I needed this! I am worthy! I will be a success!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      YES! YES! AND MORE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Miriam says:

    Jeff, great words of wisdom…as usual. Where did you teach when you were abroad? I’ve been considering the same thing!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      I am in India teaching abroad as we speak!!!! Go for it!!!! You will LOVE IT!!!!

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    Dreams can come true if work behind it is strong enough to push the DREAM to reality.

    1. Everyday Power says:


  24. I love your blog and your upbeat attitude.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      THANK YOU!!!

  25. Shelly says:

    I would add Christ. Without Jesus, we cannot live the lives we were created to live. Blessings!

  26. Mr. Jeff, this is great insight! My name is TJ McCoy, I just graduated highschool, and I enjoyed reading this post. I have always felt that the formula to success was Belief + Hardword + Consistency. I do like your take on it. I think you might enjoy my blog, and since you are someone a little further along in life, I would love to see what you have to think about my writing! Here is a link to my most recent post on The Sickness of Mediocrity.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Hey TJ! Thanks for your comment and for sharing your blog! I will def check it out!!!

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