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5 ways to deal with your insecurities

5 ways to deal with your insecurities
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  1. jane says:

    wow didn’t know it was you untl I read this. and I would had never kwon this. thank u for the share as I deal with my own fears right now and struggling to break away. this is an amazing store. thank u . funny how I was thinking of things today. how at my age after all my failures do I move forward. yes we all are going through something. my goal is to find a place a home family and friends and use my passions to help others. thank u so much.

  2. mex says:

    Great post. I am not my failures. A point that resonated with me is that some day by God’s grace, one will look back and wonder what all the fuss was. We kill our days out of fear and its paralyzing actions. I will remember my successes and failures overcome because they tell me I can and I have. Thanks for the encouragement

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