Five Ways to Prevent Burnout When Life and Work is Chaotic

Five Ways to Prevent Burnout When Life and Work is Chaotic
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  1. With the launch of a new year, I find myself reflecting on the need to strengthen my work-life balance. Though I have some strategies I draw upon, after reading this I recognize the need to incorporate more “no” comments into my conversations which will be a healthy challenge for me. Thanks for posting on this important topic!

  2. Becky Williams says:

    I use some of these suggestions in my work-life balance now but oftentimes struggle with follow through. I can definitely incorporate more that was mentioned and work on sticking to them! Thanks for posting on this topic and allowing the opportunity to process through some much needed time for self.

  3. Brittany Abramsom says:

    Great article and excellent tips to relieve burn out-something that everyone struggles with from one time or another. I feel honored to have worked with Rachel and consider her an outstanding therapist in the field. Thanks Rachel!

  4. Micah Shapiro says:

    Insightful, poignant, and elegantly phrased. I think it’s important to keep in mind that it’s important to care passionately about your work in the first place. It’s never a bad idea to be honest with yourself about how much your work matters to you. If it doesn’t, consider a change, etc.

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