Empowering Motivational Videos For The Exceptionally Determined

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There is something about empowering motivational videos that keeps us coming back for more. The gift that a person gives when they make a video that truly touches millions of people around the world is priceless. One message can travel across the world, transcending language, culture, and time to achieve one glorious goal: to empower, motivate, and inspire.

Empowering Motivational Videos

“You’re attracted to greatness because greatness is in you!” – Eric Thomas

Born To Succeed ft. Eric Thomas

Driven – Motivational Video ft. Les Brown

I Will Fear No Evil – Motivational Video (mainly audio) ft. Les Brown

We All Fall Down – Motivational Video ft. Greg Plitt

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About The Author

Founder of www.EverydayPowerBlog.com and My Everyday Power, Jeff Moore is an entrepreneur, educator, and motivator on a mission to inspire those around him. Jeff has dedicated his personal and professional life to helping people realize their own potential for greatness. He has an expertise in creating intrinsic motivation and is a catalyst for incredible change in the lives of others.

3 Comments on "Empowering Motivational Videos For The Exceptionally Determined"

  1. Aaron M.

    Thank you for these great videos; I really needed a swift kick in the derriere to get moving and turn my dreams into reality! I’m so good at making plans but so bad at following them! I think I must have made at least 20 different plans for starting a home business in the last year and followed none to the end. I’m not giving up and will try making a plan with simple steps that I can follow until completion.

  2. David

    There is no way that you are not pumped up by at least one of these 4 videos! I just watched “Born to succeed” and I really feel like I am born all over again! I am ready for greatness and will not postpone running that 10k marathon that I always wanted to run! For years, I’ve been postponing this but starting today I will start training!

  3. Jason

    “Driven” gave me goose bumps! I’m creating a playlist of youtube motivational videos and this post is a great start. Thank you so much for all these great videos! I will look for at least 30-40 more to have a good chunk of motivation at my disposal whenever I need it (everyday).

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