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The Only Motivational Video You Will Ever Need To Wake Up Early!

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  1. briangspare says:

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    Watch this video. I was inspired.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thanks for sharing that!!

  2. cocoalight says:

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    THIS gave me goosbumps!! Thanks you:-)

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Me too! Thanks for sharing!!

      1. cocoalight says:

        Don’t stop, we need this. Its SPIRITUAL/mental SUNSHINE:-) Thank you, hugs to you and everyone you touch.

  3. Marie Abanga says:

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    For long l did the minimum because l thought that would get me appreciated and accepted and well my daily bread was taken care of. Yet l had a dream to be ME, to do much more than l was actually doing. I know l have the capacity but for long I wondered How? Now, after all the hurt chasing conventional acceptance, l have made the ultimate sacrifice. I am ready to pursu that dream to the end and it ain’t over until l win.

    Thanks Jeff for sharing this.

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Keep going for it Marie!!!!

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    Amazing Inspirational video!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thanks for sharing this!!!

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    1. Everyday Power says:

      Thanks for sharing this on your blog, Rama!

  6. silversun008 says:

    “It’s not over until I win!”
    WOW. I was very close to tears after watching this video!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Me too! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Powerful stuff!

  7. kimbennetta says:

    All I can say is WOW. what a great video and some very valid points. thankyou for sharing

    1. Everyday Power says:


  8. InMyHead says:

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    Just the right message at Just the right time!

    1. Everyday Power says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!

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