15 Commitment Quotes You Must Stop and Read

15 Commitment Quotes You Must Stop and Read

Commitment Quotes

Here is out latest collection of inspirational commitment quotes on Everyday Power Blog!


Our ability to commit will determine our ability to succeed, prevail and overcome. Most get started, but very few finish.

14 Commitment Quotes Encouraging You To Stick With it!


“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” -Vince Lombardi

Your success is determined by your work, not your market.


“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” -Peter F. Drucker

Commitment is the difference between goal and a wish.

Commitment Quotes


“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” -Anthony Robbins

Yes sir!

commitment quotes

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” -Mario Andretti

Wanting it is not enough, we must stick with it even when it gets ugly!


“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” -Margaret Thatcher

I really love this one! Many times success is a game of endurance!

Commitment Quotes


“Great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy.” -Bill Blackman

Don’t focus on the immediate result, that’s the formula for quitting. Focus and celebrate your commitment and results will come.

Commitment Quotes

“Anyone can dabble, but once you’ve made that commitment, your blood has that particular thing in it, and it’s very hard for people to stop you.” -Bill Cosby

Commitment Quotes


“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” -Art Turock

It is never convenient to take on a big goal or project. The time will never be just right. Focus on the reason you started in the first place.


“Any man’s life will be filled with constant and unexpected encouragement if he makes up his mind to do his level best each day.” -Booker T. Washington

On the road to greatness, take it one day at a time.


“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” -Tom Robbins

Simply said and so true!

Commitment Quotes


“Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the right stuff to turn our dream into reality.” -James Womack

When we commit and develop a healthy obsession with an idea we become more confident, creative and courageous! Go for it!


“Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.” -Charles F. Kettering

You create your own luck with persistence and preparation!


“It’s always too early to quit.” -Norman Vincent Peale

Yes it is!


“I am easily satisfied with the very best.” Winston Churchill

Me too! :-)

A little more food for thought in regard to relationships…

“They say that people are innately afraid of those who need them, they say that people are afraid of “clingy-ness”, afraid of attachment, afraid of being needed by another. But I beg to disagree. I believe that people, when looking at someone who is needy of them, see themselves and see their own fears and they go away because they can’t handle those fears; it’s their own neediness that they’re afraid of! They’re afraid to want and to need, because they’re afraid of loss and of losing, so when they see these things in another, that’s when they run away. Nobody is actually running away from other people; everybody is really running away from themselves!”
― C. JoyBell C.

Commitment Quotes

Which one of these amazing commitment quotes is your favorite?

commitment quotes

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  1. I think one of the most important quotes I found insightful is that in order to become successful, one must never compromise their integrity for something that is beneath the level of commitment to their ideals. If only little effort is given, only little progress is achieved.

  2. Great quotes! Commitment is the difference in many cases between success and failure. I am on a long debt repayment mission, and plan to come out a winner (In my case Winner = Debt Free) because I am refusing to give up and just keep on keeping on (and on, and on) with my debt smashing mission! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I especially like the quote by Tom Robbins. We are selling our house and want to move to a bungalow. My husband is worried about the financial implications, but I am committed to our decision. I am a great believer in the law of attraction and I am totally focused on the bungalow.

  4. Jeff, I am not letting go of you until I win – until we both win.

    The collection you always share are great.

    In the above lot, I love the quotes by Meg Thatcher the Iron Lady, and by Norman Vincent Peale of course.

    I also love very much this one “The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” -Anthony Robbins.

    So Jeff, Keep it up

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