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steal your joy

5 Ways to Stop Thieves from Stealing Your Happiness

Most self-help literature makes it seem like happiness is a very elusive thing, something we must work very hard to achieve. It is my contention...
improving the workplace and Boost Worker Productivity

Brilliant Ways to Improve the Workplace and Boost Worker Productivity

Feeling de-motivated and uninspired at work? Don’t blame it all on your boss. Researchers believe that our office environment have as much impact to...
Use Your Life Experiences To Improve Your Problem-Solving

10 Ways To Use Your Life Experience To Improve Your Problem-Solving...

Life is full of problems, so having the ability to solve them is critical to survival. The real question is, “Do we learn from...
interesting everyday examples of irony

9 Interesting Everyday Ironies

What is irony? The Web defines it as something that’s a contrary to what we expect. If they’re statements, they were meant for sarcasm and...
step into your comfort zone

How To Get Comfortable and Live with More Peace

I came across an old email the other day. Its subject reminded me of my former neighbor, Jake.  Jake always had his door open....
Things You Can Do to Nourish Your Soul

10 Things You Can Do to Nourish Your Soul

A hectic lifestyle has become a sign of the times. No matter how hard you try to maintain balance and harmony in your everyday...

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Inspirational Quotes For Kids To Inspire Their Best

Inspirational Quotes for Kids Inspirational quotes for kids! Yes! Short! Simple! Inspirational! Cute! Attention grabbing! Thought Provoking! What's the big deal about motivational children quotes, anyway? Kids need to be equipped with positive self talk just...

17 Inspirational Picture Quotes To Change Your Life

Inspirational Picture Quotes And Motivational Images About Life Let these inspirational picture quotes help you envision the greatness that is within you! Let it out and show the world! Inspiration is defined as : something that makes someone...

Bob Marley Quotes On Love, Life and Money

Bob Marley Quotes Bob Marley quotes! Better yet! Bob Marley quotes about love and life! Bob's words and music will live on for ages! Marley was much more than a leader of a band, he...
Inspirational Picture Quotes And Motivational Images

76 Inspirational Picture Quotes And Motivational Images

Inspirational Picture Quotes Let this epic collection of inspirational picture quotes help you realize how great you are, how far you've come and how much more you can give and receive! Picture quotes take inspirational quotes and motivational quotes to...
Dr. Seuss Quotes On Love, Life and Learning

50 Best Dr. Seuss Quotes On Love, Life and Learning

Dr. Seuss Quotes Here is our latest collection of amazing Dr. Seuss quotes about life, curiosity and happiness! Dr. Seuss was an American poet and author, who has written over 46 books. I remember being a child reading Dr....
Paulo Coelho Quotes About Love, Life and The Alchemist

33 Paulo Coelho Quotes About Love, Life and The Alchemist

Looking for Paulo Coelho quotes? Enjoy! Paulo Coelho is most know for his international bestselling book, ‘The Alchemist’, the story of a young man traveling the world, searching for purpose, love and adventure. As ‘The...

35 Rumi Quotes From His Poems About Love and Life

Rumi Quotes From His Poems About Love, Life and Dreams Our latest collection if inspirational Rumi quotes about life on Everyday Power Blog. Rumi quotes are well known for being wise, thought provoking and powerful. Let these inspirational...

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